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    Size Guide

    Measurement guidelines for single sofas. 

    *It is always better to go one size larger, as excess can simply be tucked away.*

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    Start by measuring your sofa as seen in the diagrams below. Please include the length and height of the armrests in your measurements.
    If your sofa doesn't have arm rests, just measure to the very edge.
    Our covers suit most types of sofa and sizes, like fabric sofa, or leather sofa with gaps.




    *If your sofa has a high back over 100cm, please choose one size larger*

    For sofas measuring 35'' - 55 (90cm - 140cm) please order a 1 Seater.
    For sofas measuring 57'' - 72'' (145cm - 185cm) please order a 2 Seater.
    For sofas measuring 75'' - 90'' (190cm - 230cm) please order a 3 Seater.
    For sofas measuring 92'' - 118'' (235cm - 300cm) please order a 4 Seater.

    Measurement guidelines for L-Shaped sofas.

    If you have a corner or L-shaped sofa, a rounded corner sofa or a sofa with chaise longue you must order 2 sofa covers, i.e. one cover for each part of the sofa.

    It is essential that your sofa has a separation, even a tiny one, to insert the covers.

    Start by measuring each section of your sofa as seen in the diagrams below.
    An example for a L-Shaped Sofa:
    1st cover: If A - A is about 180cm, then you should choose a "2 Seater"
    2nd cover: If B - B is about 220cm, then you should choose a "3 Seater"
    L-Shaped: Requires 2x Sofa Covers
    U-Shaped: Requires 3x Sofa Covers

    Measurement guidelines for Sofa Beds.

    Measure the length of your convertible sofa as shown in the photo below. Then refer to the indications below:

    Length between 150 cm and 190 cm : COVER SIZE S
    Length between 190 cm and 210 cm : COVER SIZE L

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